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Default DC-3 VH-CWS at YSBK today, very nice! :)

Hi all

Was doing a preflight for some circuit training today at about 1415, when a DC-3 did a flyover of Bankstown Airport. Very very nice and majestic aircraft, did a flyover, and then joined the circuit for an arrival onto 11C, which we eagerly watched as it came in for a landing very smoothly.

Hearing the crew on the radio requesting a flyover of Bankstown Airport so that people can watch DC-3 join the circuit was definitely a great contribution on their part and I'd definitely like to express my personal thanks for them. I imagine many people fortunate enough to be at the airport today at the time would have definitely downed tools to watch this aircraft flyover. The ATC recording of this fabulous moment can be found on LiveATC here

I was also fortunate to have been in the presence of Ken Andrews and Bill Whitworth with us while witnessing the DC-3's landing, which was followed by some of their anecdotes of past experiences with DC-3s.... understandably, we got in the air a little later than expected

The following photos I managed to sneak of VH-CWS...

(Just above the green wingtip)

Does anyone know the story behind VH-CWS? A review of CASA rego search shows the aircraft as registered with Westpac Bank in Concord West, and a Google search reads it formerly operated out of Western Australia on charters and the like.

More so, are there any operating DC-3s left in Australia one could go on flights aboard? Been meaning to do so, and kicking myself I never did when they were 'frequent' enough at YSBK departing from the Aviation Museum.

Such moments like this continue to inspire me and appreciate where we've gone in Aviation.
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