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I agree that Airbus is the leader based on Boeing's current woes and its ability to have a aircraft ready and flying to meet QF delivery time frames.

Also to the above Boeing has:

- B737 MAX aircraft that are estimated to be grounded until 2020,
- B777-8 had a cargo door blowout during recent ground testing
- B777-8 has yet to fly
- B777-8 will have MORE THAN RIGOROUS/STRENUOUS certification process after the MAX debacle
- USAF are predicting that the KC-46A (B767 Tanker) will not be operational for at least four years due to at least 4 X CAT1 deficiencies. (A CAT1 deficiency is defined as affecting the aircraft and classified as an identified risk that jeopardises lives or
critical assets)

The A350 is flying and operational.
QF has some bargaining power based on the A321LR orders.
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