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Air Pacific B747-200 VH-EBK leased from Qantas - September 1985 (quite close to todays livery, and note the Alitalia B747 to the left)

All Nipon B747-200 JA8182 at the Qantas Jet Base - check out the cars, a VW Beetle and plenty of Datsuns

Garuda DC-10-30 N917JW in July 1989 - that's an Ansett B737 in the background

Garuda A300-600R F-ODSX in May 1990 - the construction work is for the new western arm of the InternationalTerminal

Japan Airlines B747-200 JA8111 in November 1983 - at least two liveries back

Martinair DC-10 PH-MBP in February 1985 with a Concorde tail behind it - a charter visitor from memory. It looks like there are three
men working on the Concorde tail, this may have been from the incident when a piece of tail broke off on the flight over from Auckland.

British Airways B747-200 G-AWNE in September 1985

Qantas B747-200 VH-EBN in April 1983 with the wing on the Flying Kangaroo and the white leading edge on the tail

Nile Air Safaris B707 at the Qantas Cargo Terminal in July 1989
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