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And how security has changed from the 1980s ....

When the Spanish Prince arrived the gates near the old customs building next to Qantas were opened for anyone to enter. This is how
close I could get to the Prince as he walked off the aircraft minutes after it's arrival. That is Bruce Baird to the left of the Prince.

Spanish Air Force B707 T.17-3 in July 1990

British Airways Concorde G-BOAE landing on Runway 16 with the old TAA and Ansett terminals in the background. The airport looked
pretty rough back in February 1985. Looks like an East West Fokker Friendship at the Ansett Terminal to the right and a Jetstream on
the far left.

G-BOAE was towed to the Qantas Jet Base and the gates were opened for everyone to have a close up look. This was not advertised,
you just needed to be there at the right time and I walked right around and under the aircraft that day. February 1985.

G-BOAE being towed to the International Terminal in preparation for the flight out. February 1985.

I only remember seeing the Air France Concorde in Sydney once from memory. Seen here in January 1988.
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