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Old 2nd May 2018, 04:31 PM
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Default Spotting at the Fenceline

I've always thought that the three metre rule applied only to stepladders - I've seen plenty of photos posted here that were taken through the fence, and I've taken plenty of photos at the perimeter fence myself over the years. In that time, all of my interactions with AFP and airside security at the perimeter have been positive, and if I've ever been moved away from the fenceline, it's only because some diplomatic arrival was imminent. Just the other night at DOM 6 though, I got approached by AFP and told that I'm not allowed to be within three metres of the fence, nor am I allowed to photograph aircraft on the other side of the fence. They ran a check on my details and informed me that "it's filed in their system" and that if I'm found doing it again I'll be issued with an infringement. Just wondering if there have been any changes in policy recently for spotting at the perimeter fence? I've no problem complying with police directions if they feel it necessary to move me along from the fenceline, but it would be nice to know exactly what, if anything, is on my record...
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Old 3rd May 2018, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by James P. View Post
I've always thought that the three metre rule applied only to stepladders
Hi James,

A preliminary read of the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 per F2018C00068 which governs security at Sydney Airport, doesn't appear to discuss the 3 metre rule you speak of, though the following is quoted on the Sydney Airport website:

Any vehicle, step ladder, camera equipment or any other object that may facilitate a breach of airport security must be at least three metres from the perimeter fence at all times.
Also quoted is:

Please obey any road or security signage while in the airport precinct and comply with the directions of Sydney Airport security staff or the Australian Federal Police.
... which it sounds like you've been doing.

Originally Posted by James P. View Post
Just wondering if there have been any changes in policy recently for spotting at the perimeter fence?
I'd suggest there hasn't been any recent changes in 'policy' or 'policing' of the above, though perhaps with the recent arrival of the French President, visibility of AFP along the fence-line has increased thus leading to a more proactive approach of enforcing any such policy.

I wouldn't be too concerned about having your 'details on record' with the AFP. It's been a long time practice of the AFP along the fence-line to detail one's name and address into a 'system', for future reference, especially during special or military aircraft or event movements.

Perhaps during heightened security events, take your photos without lingering near the fence-line or completely away from the fence-line altogether; which will avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself.

Common sense from both parties should apply.
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