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Old 15th March 2019, 10:00 AM
MarkR MarkR is offline
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Originally Posted by Philip Argy View Post
Simon Gunson has published a dire prognostication: the end of Boeing!
LOL, quoting a random on the internet as an expert.
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Old 16th March 2019, 04:21 PM
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Philip Argy Philip Argy is offline
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Thumbs down What expert?

I certainly didn't cite Gunson as an expert. I was holding his prognostication up to ridicule, as indicated by the exclamation marks!!!!
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Old 17th March 2019, 07:43 AM
David C David C is offline
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Philip ,thereís certainly no intent in my post to suggest you did cite Gunson as some kind of expert , which obviously he isnít . No offence intended .
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Old 17th March 2019, 07:46 PM
Phil Stevens Phil Stevens is offline
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FR24 has a listing of where all 737MAX are currently parked up.
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Old Yesterday, 11:23 AM
Greg Hyde Greg Hyde is offline
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Ethiopia's Boeing 737 MAX 8 black box data 'shows clear similarities' with Lion Air crash

Analysis of the data from the black boxes of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed, killing all 157 people on board, showed "clear similarities" with an earlier crash of the same jet model, a spokesperson for the Ethiopian Transport Ministry has confirmed.

However, US officials have told Reuters they had not yet validated the data, emphasising "the investigation remains in the very early stages".

In October, a Lion Air crash killed all 189 people onboard, after pilots fought against the jet's automated nose dive.

Both planes were Boeing's top-selling jet model, the 737 MAX 8, and pilots in both crashes reported flight control problems during take-off.
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Old Yesterday, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Andrew P View Post
Will play devil's advocate, I wonder if the White House has any input into the FAA decision.
close call
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Old Yesterday, 03:13 PM
Brenden S Brenden S is offline
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Food for thought people.....
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Old Yesterday, 06:43 PM
Rowan McKeever Rowan McKeever is offline
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Sure is. Those bullet points, assuming there’s any truth to them, are worrying.

I’m not convinced by Boeing’s proposed software fix. Admittedly I’m neither a pilot nor an avionics engineer, but I don’t understand how simply having both AOA sensors provide data to the MCAS resolves the problem, particularly as an AOA sensor fault is being discussed in terms of Lion Air...

I, personally, was siding with “it’s safe but a grounding is the most appropriate course of action” until the last few days. Now, I’m beginning to think the sign off for the MAX to return to service needs to come from EASA or TC, or another similarly independent regulator. I think the industry and the public, and confidence in this aircraft type, would be better served by not allowing Boeing and the FAA to have that level of authority.
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