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Old 25th May 2024, 03:33 PM
Dennis McLean Dennis McLean is offline
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N206JB has completed a test flight MCN/MCN on 8/5. I missed another two, N236JB ferried MCO/MCN on 6/5 AND N238JB ferried MCO/MCN on 23/5.
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Old 25th May 2024, 04:52 PM
Greg Hyde Greg Hyde is offline
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Update on JetBlue E190's for QQ
SJO: N184JB, N190JB, N192JB, N193JB, N292JB (5)
MJZ: N374JB (Stored 12/11/22) (1)
MCN: N197JB, N198JB, N203JB, N206JB, N216JB, N228JB, N229JB, N231JB, N236JB, N238JB (10)
JBU: N239JB, N247JB, N249JB, N257JB, N295JB, N266JB, N267JB, N273JB, N274JB, N279JB, N281JB, N283JB, N284JB (13)

Dennis, your updates included.

Also it looks like that when the frames are formally returned to the lease-holder at MCN they are test flown as part of the procedure.
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