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Old 20th July 2009, 09:14 PM
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So what did Ansett look like in the 1980s ?

One of the very early Ansett fleet stored at Tullamarine, DC3 "Douglas" VH-ABR in December 1983

DC9-30 VH-CZC in October 1981. The DC9 were a great aircraft to fly in, especially if you were seated on the left of the aircraft. The
seating was 2x3 so there was no middle seat.

DC9-30 VH-CZH in October 1981. The International Terminal fingers were shorted in the early years, the two Qantas B747-200s can
be seen on standoff bays which are now gate lounges.

B727-200 VH-RMU in October 1981

B727-200 VH-RMY in October 1981. I had many great flights on both Ansett and TAA Baoing 727-100 & 200 aircraft. Loved the rear
pressure door and stairway down through the back of the aircraft.

Fokker F28-500F VH-FCC in October 1981 operating for the mainline Ansett operation. Notice that there are no aerobridges at the
International Terminal, I had forgotten about that one.

Fokker F28-500F VH-FCF in October 1981 operating flights to the Sunshine Coast from memory. This was a long way in a Fokker,
although I can remember doing an East West F27 flight from Sydney to Melbourne, something like 3hours with a stop over in Albury to
make it legal under the two airline policy of the day. Only Ansett and TAA could fly Sydney - Melbourne direct. I had a 24hr headache
after sitting in the window seat next to the prop for 3 hrs.

Fokker F28-500F VH-FCF in October 1981 operated by Ansett's Airlines of New South Wales (or Air New South Wales in the later years)

DC9-30 VH-CZD in April 1982 operating by Ansett for Air Vanuatu
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